Photography chose me

Just when you feel that photography passion is following you anywhere <3

I didn't choose photography, photography chose me

“I didn’t choose photography, photography chose me” ~ Gerardo Suter


8 Gift ideas for photographer moms under $30

Mommy’s Day is just around the corner!! Let’s celebrate all the photographer Moms with their most lovely passion, Photography!

We did a list of 8 lovely things to make Mommy smile on her day, or any other day, just because Moms are wonderful and they deserve to have a treat :) From iphone decoration, to mugs for the hard working days, totebags for the everyday or an album to remember. All items are adorable and under $30. Take a look!

Gift ideas for photographer moms1.The Instant Camera Iphone Decal from Photojojo $6  2.Poulain Tape Dispenser from Anthopologie $24 3. Editing Day Mug from Click and Blossom $16 4.Fuji Instax Mini Book Album from Amazon $16  5.Polaroid Drawing Mug from Click and Blossom $16  6.Picture Taker Tee from Click and Blossom $26 7. Mamarazzi tote from Click and Blossom $25 8. Iphone photobook from Groovebook $2.99

Behind Click and Blossom – shop

While getting inspired by the awesome guys from Inkspot Crow Films when planning to make our own videos, we finally decided to dive ourselves into video-documenting trips, family, food recipes and recently our first video for our shop.

We wanted to share a small glimpse of what goes on behind Click and Blossom. I was able to film my wife, Roselyn, in the process of designing a product, from hand-sketching to art digitalizing and of course, the final result… the product.   We hope this is just the first of many more. Enjoy!

Take Your Camera Wherever You Go from Click and Blossom on Vimeo.

I printed the mini accordions

A week ago I ordered a set of 3 mini accordions 3×3″ from Miller’s Lab, I have to admit that it’s the most cute presentation of a photo session. In fact, it’s an amazing idea to use as a family gift.

You can choose the cover to be customized with your own picture or design, which makes it even more special. I printed it on a Fuji Pearl paper. It has a soft and smooth texture and the quality is great. I also like the fact that when it is closed it gets really compacted, and it comes with a magnet on the edges, which gives it a natural and perfect closing.

I designed these mini accordions since many customers were asking for neutral designs. They are easy to use for boys, girls, couples and family sessions. And as you may know, these mini accordions have been getting really popular in the studios lately :)

Visit Birdesign to see more designs

accordion mini templates - freebie on bottom

This one is my favorite, Spring inspired :) with sunshine colors, raindrops and organic shapes. This fits with everything!! I love how this turned out once printed.

accordion mini templates - freebie on bottom

If you’re looking for a more clean and simple print, this white format is the perfect option. It looks great with black and white pictures, and perfect for baby boys ;)

accordion mini templates - freebie on bottomIf you want to play with a design you can download this one for FREE :)

free accordion mini templateFor PHOTOGRAPHERS ONLY. You may not resell, redistribute or share these templates in whole or in part for any reason; claim these designs as your own; or sell any design digital or printed on any online store.

Photography inspired Easter eggs

We have to admit it, we are photo-addicts and we enjoy it!  For this year we wanted to make an easier, quick and no messy easter eggs project, and of course our theme is photography!

I surfed on Pinterest… I couldn’t avoid it….and got inspiration to do this sharpie doodle eggs from a blog named Henry Happened, love all the DIY projects they have. Take a look at our first DIY photography project :) I hope it inspires your artist spark this Easter!

Photography inspired easter eggs

First I made a list of lovely photography concepts, such as “capture life”, “smile”, “focus”, “be happy”, to name a few. You can go on for hours just getting inspired with Photography related ideas.

I use a sharpie pen to doodle over the white eggs. By doing the sketches first, it was easier to copy the drawing over the egg, making it fun and no messy at all :)

What other concept comes to your mind for this Easter? Photography inspired easter eggsRichard always has funny ideas, and it was his suggestion to make the “develop room” egg LOL, it was his favorite out of the bunch! Photography inspired easter eggs


We are so excited to announce the new addition to our family!! Yes!! It’s Click & Blossom, a specialized shop of gifts and wearable accessories for photographers, designers, bloggers, instagrammers… and camera lovers, of course!

Richard and I have been working a long time on this project and finally it’s here, it’s our little baby right now!

Every idea comes from the fascinating world of photography, and the funny/humorous moments of a photographer’s daily work :)

You are invited to visit the site (under your own risk), don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Our engagement

Richard asked me the big question on my 27th birthday (July 10th, 2013), it was a romantic moment after a special birthday dinner, I had been waiting for that moment for too long, but it was so worth the wait!

I can say we have been blessed to find each other. He is really my best friend, and since the first time we met, I felt like I knew him forever. Now, it’s time to become a family together, YAAY!!

After that exciting day we decided to make our engagement photo shoot, we were so lucky to found Jade & Matthew for our photo shoot, we chose a lovely spot of yellow flowers near a volcano in Costa Rica, it was a foggy perfect day!

These are a few of our favorite pics!

Engagement photo shootengagement-rick&rose2


DIY Paper Pinwheels Background

This is a repost from my Birdesign Blog, I think would be helpful for any photographer looking to do a cool background for studio sessions this spring :)paper pinwheels background, DIY photography project, portrait background I love DIY projects, oh yes! I’ve done all the crafts you can imagine, paper crafts, knitting, crochet, jewelry, scrapbooking, embroidery, as many others… it’s so nice to feel you can do one of a kind piece of art with your hands, even following a tutorial your final product will be unique and sealed with your own style!

One of the purposes of this blog is to create valuable material for photographers, specially for all who love to capture a sweet newborn, kids, and the togetherness of a family. So I will be doing DIY projects for all of you, hope it will be helpful and a source of new ideas for your portraits and photo projects.

As a photographer I know that every sessions is special and unique, and you have to be refreshing your studio props, new hats, new blankets, new chairs, new backgrounds, new colors… well I consider special to share this way to do an easy and chic background for your studio. It’s easy, cheap, and the final scene will look just amazing

DIY Photography paper pinwheels backgroundFor this project you will need:

• 12×12″ scrapbook paper
• scissors
• glue
• a round object to mark a circle
• a pencil

1. Do 1/2-inchwide accordion folds in the scrapbook paper until you get a fan folding shape. Two fans will form one pinwheel.

2. Using the scissors, trim ends of the paper into rounded or pointy shapes.

3. Fold the strip or paper in half and secure it with glue. This will form the half of the pinwheel. Repeat the process until you get 2 then glue them.

DIY photography background paper pinwheels craft

4. In another paper trace a circle of 2″ of diameter, cut it out and glue it in the center of the pinwheel. You can do that in both sides of the pinwheel then attach it to a wall. You can embellish the center of the pinwheel with a double circle or paper with different colors or even with buttons.
Repeat as many times as you like ;) combine colors, papers and textures to get a beautiful collage of pinwheels. You can do it even with white or painted paper for a wedding or couple photo shoot, or in green, red and gold for Christmas pictures, it’s just about creativity! :)

Once you are ready place them in a wood base, or in the wall with mounting tape, and voila!! A beautiful background for a long time!

I had a lot of fun making this pinwheels, try it you won’t regret!

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! Don’t forget to share your love and pin it! ;)


paper pinwheels background for photographers DIY project

Hello world!

Yes!! This is our first post!
We couldn’t be more excited to start our first blog together!
Richard and I have been together for almost 7 years now, we got married a month ago and decided to make this project just on our honeymoon… right now we are experiencing so many exciting moments in our lives, that we thought we would love to document them and share them, keeping them in our records for future years.. as we all know, time flies!

We will share our stories, vacations, personal photos, videos and side projects. We love to explore new artistic things, so we will be posting our DIY projects, designing tips, and any cool stuff we found around us.
So stay tuned!
~Rose & Rick